Connie in the Community

I have been actively involved in the community since Mike and I arrived in 2008 to put our roots down and raise our children, which has grown to include four daughters. I am from Colonie and Mike is from Malone, so we decided to settle in the somewhat geographic middle with our family. We researched educational data such as the district's instructional program, school report cards, as well as community data such as tax rates and crime statistics when we made our decision to become Saratogians.

In my limited free time, I love to join in on the karaoke community scene in Saratoga and my go-to song is "Last Dance" by Donna Summer because it gets everyone out of their seat and on the dance floor! Music has always been an important part of my life and I love how it is truly a way to bring all people together.

I am the immediate PTA President of the Division Street School, which is now a National PTA School of Excellence. Organizing, coordinating and collaborating with the PTA Board, school, and district to achieve this honor was an enormously valuable experience.

Other school-related volunteer activities that I have been involved in and/or led over the past decade include but are not limited to:

STEM Expo – I have chaired this event for the past 8 years for the Division Street School PTA. I organize and coordinate exhibitors from the community and student projects, and work with the school to communicate outreach to our families for hands-on STEM experiences.

Earth Balloon Initiative – As a part of the STEM Lab Committee, a needs assessment was done to identify how we could enhance our STEM instruction at Division Street. The Earth Balloon was put on our list as a “reach”, so I took it on. Six months later….I chaired the initiative and organized a gala as the PTA President to raise $25,000 to obtain the Earth Balloon. Our PTA was able to purchase it and we make it available for other schools to reserve for a small fee. We used to have to front over $7,000 to rent it for one week – this was a win-win for everyone!

Superintendent’s Forum – I was a member of the Superintendent’s Forum for its last two years, where parents were presented with ideas from the district and participated in open discussions with the Superintendent.

Gifted and Talented Committee – I worked on this committee for the needs of Gifted and Talented students and options about programming and opportunities for learning. I also created a presentation that was utilized throughout the district for outreach.

Foreign Language Committee – This was a short-lived committee for me, but very fruitful. Out of my work on this committee, the Each One Teach One program was implemented based on the program in my home district. Each One Teach One is where high school students visit the elementary schools to teach foreign language to young students while gaining experience in the classroom for potential futures in education!

Legacy Planning Committee – I participated in the initial visioning session, where group of parents, teachers, board members, students, administrators and other community members worked collaboratively to identify characteristics of an ideal school of the future.

Other Community Activities Through my faith community, I have volunteered in food pantry efforts and am a catechist for youth faith formation. In addition to this, I have volunteered for my daughters’ swim teams (Go Sharks! Go Blue Streaks!) and track team.

Professionalism, decorum, civility and trust are fundamental in community relationships, and I work hard to uphold these standards with every decision I make.

I have always made education and community involvement a priority in Saratoga, the Greater Capital Region, and beyond.

Read more about some of what I have done below and local election coverage: