Education Program

I believe that an instructional program should be varied in order to provide every student with an educational experience that is personally relevant and ensures that they are ready for their choice of a career or higher education studies.

I think that Saratoga Springs City School District does an excellent job of providing our children with options for the path of their choice, and I also acknowledge that as our society and technology evolve, our educational program should as well. As a board member, I would expect the education program would challenge all learners and to change with the times. I am excited at the thought of putting my expertise to work.

Highlighting STEM fields such as computer science, engineering, and biology, coupled with important humanities skills like engaging in discourse, literacy, critical thinking and technical writing are highly pertinent. For example, artificial intelligence and biomedical advances such as CRISPR are changing our world at a rapid pace and the ethics, as well as the potential outcomes of such innovations, should be considered. Students should know what these new applications are, how they are done, and be able to communicate what the potential short and long-term consequences of such technologies could be.

There have been recent discussions about changing the educational program as related to the humanities in our district. On February 5th, I attended the Parent Forum at Maple Avenue Middle School and submitted a proposal as a sample of my thoughts on a solution to the dilemma of challenging all students while addressing mental health and cultural concerns about students from administration and teachers.

I had been talking to stakeholders and working on the proposal for few weeks - and when I submitted it I acknowledged that it was most likely far from perfect, but was just one possible solution to the multifaceted issues facing the building, and ensures that we put the educational and financial pathway of the students and their families first.

I used Global Studies because it was the easiest for me to map. I made it clear that I was not looking to step on toes, but initiating a conversation and bringing forth a possible solution. I understood that my proposal may not go anywhere and that ELA warrants an equal look.

In addition to potentially solving a problem, this proposal also aligns current placement practices in math and science with social studies at the middle school level.

Read my proposal here.