How can you support Connie's campaign?

I am not actively seeking donations or politically-affiliated endorsements for my campaign. What I AM asking for are things that are truly priceless: peace, love, understanding......and your vote on May 21st!

I made a decision to run my campaign based on issues that were most important to me as an educator. While I am flattered by the invitations I have received, I am not interested in meeting privately with any politically-affiliated groups or partisan entities. School board elections are not political elections, and are governed by education law. Should an elected official that represents all voters in their area come out to endorse me during this campaign, please know that I did not actively seek the endorsement and that I cannot control their actions.

I have family and friends that are liberal, conservative and everything in between - much like my students and their families. I love and respect all of them and am not looking for my desire to serve the public to turn into anything toxic or divisive, nor do I want any misinformation, rumors, or misconceptions about me circulated.

I truly am uninterested in anything about whether there’s a D or R associated with me or my campaign. I am independent and I will advocate for issues that I feel are important to education.

I value the spirit of a strong community with diverse perspectives that can respectfully agree to disagree. Professionalism, decorum, civility and trust are fundamental in community relationships, and I work hard to uphold these standards with every decision I make.

FUN FACT: Did you know that mixing blue and red make the beautiful color purple? I just Googled what purple means: Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Those are all great attributes that I love to be around!


  • Here are very simple ways that you can help with this election:

1. Use THIS FLYER (CLICK HERE) - give them out, talk up my platform and my campaign, and BE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL! Disseminate to your friends, neighbors, and random strangers (if you feel comfortable with that 😂) that are Saratoga Springs School District residents that can vote in this election. Tell them how you know me - tell them about all of the work I have done - tell them that I was going to run anyway (gun issue or no gun issue) - and tell them that I try my best to act with integrity, prioritize the needs of my entire community, and take the responsibility of being a role model very seriously.

2. Share out my website to all of your registered-to-vote-Saratoga-School-District friends and family via social media, text, or email: or they can find my campaign page on Facebook.

3. Send your positive energy/pray/meditate for this election....whatever you do that brings good vibes. Our community needs to heal and move on and it starts with every one of us!

4. Share out this webpage to all of your SSCSD family and friends. See my campaign flyer file above (see #1) to share out!

5. Schedule May 21st as a VOTE FOR CONNIE day on your calendar! Polls are open from 7am-9pm and get out to vote. Not sure of your polling place? Go to:

6. Read, read, read about ALL of the candidates! Make sure that you are an informed voter and put the most deserving candidates at the BOE table. It is a tremendous responsibility to work collaboratively with SSCSD in order to ensure the best possible educational experience for our children! Review what each candidate has done and what their goals are. Consider each individual's prior and current commitment to our community. Perceive how they would work collaboratively, negotiate, and compromise with others. Those are the elements that I am voting on! Our school district deserves to have people on the board that encourage a healthy working environment, are there to work collaboratively, and understand that the leadership is shared. And while it may be fun for you to sit on the sidelines and judge others that are candidates - have some compassion and realize that the humans that you are voting for are just that - they are humans just like you!

I am counting on the relationships that I have built in Saratoga over the past 10 years and my lifetime to speak for my worthiness of someone's vote. I appreciate anything that you can do - no matter how small you think it is - it means the world to me!